Leveraging USP

Leveraging Unique Selling Proposition (USP) For Local SEO

Everyday Google receives and processes about 3.5 billion searches. That equivalent to 40,000 searches every second. Every search query made can bring back thousands of results to users.

So with very crowded SERPs, how do you make sure yours is in the top spot? How do you make sure that your business can make a mark to your consumers?

This is where unique selling proposition is vital. For starters, unique selling proposition is an aspect of a business that makes a certain goods or services stand out among many others.

These days, information is very accessible but with too many information lain on the table, there’s just too many options to choose from.

It has become a major marketing problem for most businesses to attract the attention of their target consumers. That’s when the concept of USP came about.

In a local marketing perspective, USP has helped local businesses compete with big industry players. However, only a few of them understand the benefit of USP for their local SEO efforts.

If you are one of these businesses, continue reading to know how your USP can help you in your local marketing efforts.

Choosing The Right USP For Your Business

First thing first. You cannot effectively use USP to improve your local SEO efforts unless you can come up with the best USP to offer your target consumers.

Choosing the right USP for your local business is not as complicated as you may think it is. It all lies in how well you understand their needs, behavior and the changing marketing demand in your industry.

To help you, here are 3 fundamental steps that can guide you in choosing the right USP.

Ask The WHYs

One of the most prevalent problems why most businesses fail to set their business apart from the others is because they want to be good at everything. Let’s face it; you cannot be a “one-size fits all” kind of business. There is no way you can be good at everything.

So before you choose your best USP, you have to first put yourselves in the shoes of your consumers to fully understand what they need for a business like yours. Ask the WHYs in a customer’s point of view.

1.) Why would I choose your business over the others?

2.) Why would I like to come back again and again?

3.) Why should I trust you?

Aside from the price and the quality of products, there has to be something in your business that could answer these questions. So from time to time, try to step back from being a business person and scrutinize the business as a customer.

Leverage In Unique Local Personalities

Customer’s behavior matters a lot when trying to motivate them to try what you offer. It is a vital part of their buying decisions.

For a local business, traditional demographics rarely work. You need to go deeper into what is readily available and understand behavior.

Find the unique personalities which set your local customers apart from others. For example, if your cosmetic shop needs to drive in customers but the competition is too tight. You can set up an augmented reality device for walk-in customers to know what they would look like when they wear certain makeup. No need to apply products on their faces.

This is what motivates your customers to buy. It’s not the product and neither the price. It’s the experience and their desire to look glamorous that matters to them the most.

Familiarize Your Competitors

As a local business, you also need to be familiar with your current market and how your competitors work. While it is not easy to sneak and spy on your competitors physically, you can get a good view of what they offer on the web.

Know your toughest local competitors through their online presence and ask yourself this question; what do you have which they don’t have?

The answer to this question is your strongest assets. Considering your realizations on the first two tips mentioned above, use your strongest assets to come up with the ideal USP for your business.

In choosing your USP, you need to go beyond what you usually see and ditch what you already know. Traditional ideas and facts won’t always work. You have to know your customer on a more personal level and examine your business like you don’t own it.

After all, your intimate familiarity with your business and to your customers is your silver bullet to hit the perfect USP that drives results.

Use Your Chosen USP for Local SEO?

As a small business, you need to put extra effort to compete with big players. It could be a daunting task.

While popular companies don’t need to put too much effort in trying to impress consumers to encourage them to deal with their business, local businesses like yours, however, need to double your effort to attract buyer’s attention.

Luckily, your chosen unique selling proposition could be a potent tool to be used in your local SEO efforts to drive in customers. Let’s take a look how.

Your Landing Pages Are Decisive Points

The first impression counts. So before you welcome your customers with a well-detailed description of how good your business is. You need to take care of your landing pages first.

Your landing pages serve as your first point of contact for your consumers. This is what they see when in Google SERPs and will create the first impression to users.

Place your USP in your titles and descriptions so users can have an overview of what they are about to experience when they do business with you. See example below:

Your USP should be consistent in your landing pages. Well-optimized snippets can help you create a good impression to your target consumers.

This is a basic SEO technique which when neglected could cause you to miss out a lot of opportunities to drive customers down your sales funnel.

Retention Is A Must

Your unique selling proposition is something you should continually highlight. Unlike bigger companies which no longer needs to rely on how users evaluate their services and goods. Your small business needs to focus on keeping your USP as your brand image.

In local SEO, content is very crucial to drive traffic and engagement. Take advantage of this to highlight your USP.

Aside from your eye-catching snippets, having a clear unique selling proposition within relevant contents can also provide your business with good traffic. How do you translate it into your website content?

Your about page should be more than just what your business is and when it started. It should include information on why you are different from other websites.

Likewise, your blog posts can indirectly support your USP. Focusing on topics that count most for consumers may help you gain retention.

Another good medium to improve retention of your USP is your user-generated content. Reviews and testimonials from previous customers is a great validation that your USP is true.

In so many levels, successful local SEO is driven by good content. And the effectiveness of your content to drive traffic and increase ranking has a higher chance to be amplified if you make your USP clear to your audience.

Your Search Keywords Is An Angle

How do you make sure your USP is searchable? Use your search keywords. This is a workable angle to let your target customers know about your unique selling proposition.

Know what keyword your target people are using when looking for what you offer. For example, if you have an SEO company in Los Angeles and your unique selling proposition is your experience in the industry. People may use search terms like “experienced SEO in LA” or “SEO Expert Los Angeles”.

Optimize these keywords to reach targeted customers and drive traffic.

Your local SEO must be supported by a unique selling proposition and vice-versa. That’s how it works. No matter how well you optimize your website if you are missing a USP, you cannot go any further. The same happens when you have a USP which no one knows of.

These two must go altogether to help local businesses grow.

Last Words

In the world overloaded with information, what does your business do differently? That is the real question business should find an answer. Unique selling proposition somehow helped entrepreneurs, especially those in local businesses.

More than just a company decoration, your USP must flow in everything you do. Particularly, in local SEO, you USP is an ideal material to increase your visibility and traffic.

Google does not care about how the popularity of business when choosing what to put in top SERP. They care about how well you can fulfill the needs of the searchers. They care about how well you can meet their expectations.

If you can leverage USP for your local SEO efforts and utilize it along with good local SEO practices, sooner or later your business could rank in Google’s top search results longer. So good luck using your unique selling proposition! We hope you do well.

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